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How to Mentor a Team: Lessons from Experienced Team Mentors

by Chris Danek

Team mentoring is a powerful way for experienced professionals to guide a team toward shared growth and success. If you’re a team mentor or want to build a team mentoring program at your organization, how can you empower your teams?

We asked two long-time mentors, Rosa Cassidy and Carrie Maslen for their advice for team mentors.

Rosa Cassidy has learned that mentoring a team is about understanding each person’s unique personality — and where the team wants to go together. Once you understand those personalities and relationships, you can help them reach their goals.

The best mentors have a special superpower: Empathy. Empathetic mentors help teams learn, grow, and challenge themselves.

Carrie Maslen also focuses on bringing teams together. She helps teams build their culture and dynamics. She asks: Are you building a shared vision? Is everyone united? Who do you need to bring along?

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