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Bessel Rapid Innovation

We put your medical device development projects on target and on track.

Bessel Rapid Innovation puts medtech development projects on target for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 50. We can integrate within your R&D team or deliver an entire project.

Real-world example of our results

Our client's complaint handling was out of compliance. The team was overwhelmed and asked for more resources and a delay of the next-generation product development.


With three simple changes tested by the team, we helped improve its workflow and regain compliance. Team morale and productivity increased. The next-generation product released on schedule. 

And with its more effective and rapid complaint handling, the team regained the trust of senior leaders & increased the confidence of its customers and a key commercial partner. 

We make critical contributions to your programs 

We extend your reach with hands-on contributions across multiple functions:

  • Program delivery and project management

  • R&D

  • Operations

  • Quality

  • Marketing

  • Clinical and regulatory support. 

We're experts in Design Controls, Risk Management, Usability Engineering, and Software Lifecycle Processes.

We have broad product and clinical domain expertise, from single-use or reusable minimally invasive surgical, endoscopic, and endovascular devices to capital equipment; single use diagnostic assays including lateral flow, PCR, and next-generation sequencing; and have developed procedures and devices for a wide range of disease-states and body systems.

Real-world team boost

What our clients say 

Bessel is a trusted voice as we set our development strategy. We rely on them as a member of our team to establish our quality system and to help our team execute.  Bessel completely manages our quality system so that we can focus on building our product and company.

 - Jinyong Lee, CEO and co-founder, Kryptos Biotechnologies

We have a great team and brought a ground-breaking technology to commercial readiness in record time — and Chris played a key role as our interim Head of Quality. He even helped recruit a star replacement. I’d certainly count on him again.

- Nikolai Aljuri, PhD, Serial Entrepreneur. CEO & Founder, Procept BioRobotics.

Chris is a creative thinker who has been effective at synthesizing technical information with regulatory and business needs. He is an excellent communicator and a true pleasure to work with. He works tirelessly and always gets the job done!

- Lauren Baker, PhD, Owner, Boston Biomedical Associates (now Avania Clinical)

When we partner to deliver projects, we boost the performance of your team.

Medical device teams are in a race with the competition to develop and deliver innovative solutions to benefit patients, healthcare professionals, and providers.

Every team struggles to perform at its highest level. Deadlines, resource constraints, and shifting priorities limit progress and create wasted time and effort. Your teams want to succeed, and teams and leadership feel frustrated and upset when they do not. Persistent frustration is stressful and leads to burnout. All of our teams and teammates deserve the joy of being part of a high-performing team that delivers on its mission.

We have lived the struggle of delivering medical devices to the market. Like you we put patients first, and by delivering value we can scale the impact you make in the market. We are experts in medical device product lifecycle innovation, in guiding your teams, and helping your teams unlock their full potential.


The results? Scale your impact to help more patients sooner. Improve your bottom line results and team performance while increasing morale, engagement, and retention of your team members. Shift your culture towards performance; human centered design; and agile, inclusive teamwork.

Ready to reach your full potential?

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