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Your Real-World Work Prep Course

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Imagine you are in a job interview and you are asked to share an example of your work experience. Instead of explaining how your extracurricular activities or academic coursework might translate into hireable job skills, why not show an example from your personal portfolio of real-world work product from the Bessel Origin program?

You’ve learned a lot in college, but do you know how to show up to your first job and make an impact from Day One? In this 6-week comprehensive program, you’ll get hands-on experience on a real project, learn from experienced mentors, improve your chances of landing your dream job, and jump on the fast track to making a difference at work.

We teach the skills employers are looking for today. College classes teach you academic fundamentals, but Bessel Origins is designed by employers to help you learn and practice the real-world skills you need to get hired.

Bridge the gap between the college classroom and the professional world. You'll have our full support, during the program and as you venture forward.

See our FAQs here More information on upcoming cohorts is at You can join our remote program today!

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