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Pull up a Chair for Your AI Teammate

Updated: Mar 2

by Chris Danek

“What is the biggest opportunity for applying AI in my startup?”

I took this question in a fireside chat at The Bridge Accelerator, right over the border from El Paso in Juarez, Mexico at the Technology Hub.

Chris Danek at fireside chat with Omar Saucedo. Photo by TechnologyHUB.

My answer? Many startups will create value by getting specialized: developing tailored AI solutions to bring specific value to a specific user.  For startups in the Borderplex (Juarez 🇲🇽, El Paso, and Las Cruces), I think the answer is supporting advanced manufacturing in the region.

But whether or not you build AI into your product, and wherever you are in the world or whatever industry you’re in, put AI to work on your teams!

The mindset around AI has to be about helping teams work better together.

The theme of my talk: teams that learn how to integrate AI teammates will shape the future. AI can improve and accelerate every aspect of a team’s workflow. But don’t think of AI as just a virtual assistant working 1:1 with team members; it can be much more. Consider it as an AI teammate that interacts with and supports the team. For any process that you boost with AI, (different) members of your team need to work through these four steps : 

1️⃣  Define what you want your AI teammate to deliver.

2️⃣  Build the prompts and hold conversations with your AI teammate.

3️⃣  Verify the output.

4️⃣  Review the verified output and integrate it into your team’s deliverables.

Have you built AI into your team?

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