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How Mentoring Can Boost Teams

By Chris Danek

As a medical device engineer for the last twenty-five years, I’ve seen firsthand that individual technical skills aren’t enough to create success. We deliver in teams.

But just putting people together in teams isn’t enough to create results. Why? Companies are in a race to bring innovation to market. Teams have tight timelines and high expectations, which lead to frustration, stress, and burnout. If you’re leading a team today, you know what I mean.

Given this new reality, how can we help teams deliver results while maintaining their sanity and morale? How do we help employees show up confidently on fast-paced technical teams?

My answer is simple: mentors for teams. Mentors are the guides who can help teams navigate complexity. I’ve seen the way that mentors can re-center teams, help them rediscover their talent and skills, and guide them back to the path to success. When it comes to technical teams, mentors are a catalyst. They help us realize—and put into action— what we already know.

One of my favorite stories demonstrates the power of team mentorship: how one struggling team worked with a team mentor to make three simple changes – and supercharge their outcomes.

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