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5 Reasons You Should Use Digital Badges

The Origin program built on Human Centered Design, Scrum / Agile project management, Communication, Ethics Guided Design, and Professionalism is transformational. You will benefit in many expected and unexpected ways from the program itself. What then are some reasons you might want to take advantage of the Origin digital badges?

1. The badge is a strong positive signal. The mindsets, methods, and skills that you have been developing are highly valued and sharing your badge on LinkedIn, in your email signature, and in your resume is a great way to highlight that transformative experience.

2. We explain it so you don't have to. When employers click on your badge, they receive powerful information about the learning objectives and criteria that you have met, and background on Bessel that can accelerate you through the job screening process.

3. Trust. Bessel certifies that you have met the criteria to earn the badge. We have partnered with the leading third-party digital credentialing platform, Acclaim, for trusted authentication of all our digital credentials.

4. Community and network. The badge that you have earned signals your transformation into a "Day 1 Ready, Future Ready" teammate. Beyond the personal value you derive from the program, and that employers see in you, you will be joining a community that values purpose-driven impact, human dignity, and stewardship.

5. Your lifelong learning, Your control. You manage and control the distribution and access to the digital badges you have earned. In addition, the Acclaim platform will help you manage your professional and personal development plans, across a wide range of providers.

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