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7 Powerful Benefits of Origin Workshops

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

COVID-19 Update: our virtual collaboration is tested with 20+ teams and 75+ students at two leading universities, with positive engagement and successful online delivery.

1. In-Person, Hands-On, and Interactive. You'll have access to plenty of resources in various formats before and after the workshop, but nothing beats the results from the fun and engaging project-based learning and the face-to-face interaction with your fellow learners and Origin workshop facilitators.

2. Time-Efficient and Effective. The curriculum is condensed and highly effective. It integrates Human Centered Design, Scrum / Agile, Communications, Ethics Guided Design, and Professionalism > and it lets you practice what you are learning in a small team project. It is delivered with the same mindsets and methods you will be learning about!

3. Mindsets. You will take plenty of methods away from the workshop experience. Learning about and practicing the mindsets from Human Centered Design are transformational takeaways that will benefit you professionally and personally. The mindsets we teach are from the IDEO.ORG FIELD GUIDE TO HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN and include Empathy, Creative Confidence, Embracing Ambiguity, Learning from Failure, Optimism, Make It!, and Iterate, Iterate, Iterate.

4. Proven & validated. The integration of the five pillars of the Origin foundations program has been proven through three years of delivery in higher education. The course material intentionally addresses the critical skills gaps voiced by hiring companies, as identified by third party research (Global Economic Forum / LinkedIN, NACE, and others). Most importantly, our alumni are excelling in the workplace!

5. Community of Purpose. You will expand your network at the in-person workshop and you will have the opportunity to join the LinkedIn group of people sharing common values of delivering Purpose-Driven Impact. All of Origin foundations participants are encouraged to stay engaged with the community and help each other, and Bessel is here to support you. Sharing your earned Origin badge signals to employers and colleagues that you are a Day 1 Ready, Future Ready teammate.

6. Prepared for Work. Experience has shown that the Origin foundations workshop prepares you for the type of teamwork and interactions you will have in the workplace. Emphasis on communications will help you get better at presenting your ideas and communicating at work and electronically.

7. Follow Through. Bessel is here to support you as you continue on your journey. Reach out to us for help or suggestions!

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