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Bessel Origin Digital Badges

Origin Human Centered Design

Bessel Origin Digital Badge. - Human Centered Design

Earners of the Origin Human Centered Design digital badge have developed an understanding of the design thinking mindsets and methods to frame design challenges, deeply understand stakeholder needs, and ideate solutions that have the potential to create meaningful impact. They are able to work effectively in a small team and translate uncertainty into positive action. (16 hours, project)

Bessel Origin Digital Badge.
Agile Teamwork

Origin Scrum / Agile

Earners of the Origin(TM) Scrum / Agile digital badge have developed and practiced essential aspects of Scrum project delivery in the Scrum Team member role. They understand why Scrum is used and the roles, activities, and artifacts of Scrum. They recognize and understand the Product Owner and Scrum Master roles. They are able to contribute as a team member to Sprint activities. They are able to apply their knowledge as a competent Scrum team member.(12 hours, project)

Bessel Origin Digital Badge. - Communication

Origin Communication

Earners of the Origin(TM) Communication digital badge have developed the listening, writing, and speaking skills to succeed in a professional environment. They are able to listen to teammates and to different perspectives and ensure that each team member has a voice. They understand the benefits of concise and clear emails, memos and reports. They are able to create and deliver persuasive presentations suited for the business setting.(4 hours)

Bessel Origin Digital Badge. - Ethics Guided Design (TM)

Origin Ethics Guided Design

Earners of the Origin(TM) Ethics Guided Design(TM) digital badge have developed the ability to apply ethical decision making to situations expected in the business setting. They understand the importance of shared business values and the need to communicate when ethical dilemmas arise. Using Ethics Guided Design(TM), they are able to design solutions that anticipate and address specific potential ethical dilemmas. (4 hours)

Bessel Origin digital badge.- Professionalism

Origin Professionalism

Earners of the Origin(TM) Professionalism digital badge have developed the necessary skills and perspective to successfully contribute in a professional environment. They understand and are able to effectively apply listening and collaboration skills while working on diverse teams. They understand the importance of getting feedback, delivering on time, and communicating. They are able to use techniques from scrum/agile and human centered design to optimize their performance on teams. (4 hours)

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