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Lightning Design Jam

A workshop to bring your entire team together

to surface challenges, identify solutions,

and develop a prioritized action plan. 

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Presented by Chris Danek, PHD, MBA
Co-Founder & CEO, Bessel

Chris Danek, PHD, MBA, is a serial entrepreneur and award-winning educator. Trained in business and engineering, he has worked with dozens of teams in industry and at universities across the US. He is a visiting professor at UTEP and resides in Silicon Valley.

Think of Chris as your resident professor and consultant, teaching your teams and leaders the tools they need to solve problems while tackling your most pressing challenges.

In your 20-minute consultation, you'll learn:

Benefits of the Lightning Design Jam

Our lightning design jam workshops combine the power of agile teamwork + design thinking to power up your teams. These workshops help you….


  • Bring your entire team together to drive ideas into action.

  • Improve the performance of your core team and tackle your biggest challenges.

  • Boost morale by helping your team take back control.

  • Save costs by increasing productivity and reducing outsourced work.

Give your team a new tool to power agile teamwork.

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I want to learn more and book my Lightning Design Jam workshop!

Schedule a 20 min consultation:

Case study

Bessel put our combination of agile teamwork and design thinking into practice by leading a workshop in Annapolis, MD, for our partner Energetics Technology Center (ETC). We brought together their entire team of scientists, engineers, analysts, IT and cyber security professionals, and their finance and administration group.


Thirty participants broke into five groups and used the Lightning Design Jam format to tackle topics we curated in advance with leaders.

The workshop didn’t end with these big ideas and key next steps. In real time, we identified the most important themes for further work. We remixed the topics and the groups into working sessions to dig deeper into action plans. One pleasant surprise? Out of several distinct topics, two simple steps for better communication across the organization were rated “high impact, low effort.” These were put into place immediately.


The results: ETC grew in its working relationships, put great ideas into action, and developed valuable group collaboration skills. Comments included:

  • “I appreciated the opportunity to be a facilitator. This is the first time I’ve led a meeting like this.”

  • “I liked how as a new employee, I could write an idea down on a sticky note and see it incorporated into the recommendation made by the group.”

  • “I will think about what step I can take as an individual to advance ETC.”


The group’s leader shared this feedback:

“We really enjoyed your time with us. Outstanding workshop that

gave us more clarity and wisdom about the future of ETC.”

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