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COVID-19 Response

Emergency Ventilator Project

Bessel is helping the teams from TTHSC and UTEP with the FDA Emergency Use Authorization process and in preparing to scale availability. 

MIT has a similar effort and helpful resources here:

Useful Links for response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bessel LLC has extensive medical device experience and was directly involved in several COVID-19 projects.  We hosted a weekly discussion group convening medical device professionals working on emergency use ventilators.


Bessel's medical device network of resources actively responding to COVID-19 included contract R&D and manufacturing; quality assurance and quality engineering; and clinical and regulatory affairs (FDA) support. 

Please reach out to see if we might help you directly or connect you to a resource that can.



AAMI serves at the intersection of healthcare professionals (including biomedical engineers in hospitals) and industry. They have longstanding collaborations with FDA and with standards bodies. This link can point you to AAMI Design Guides for emergency devices, and many other helpful resources, including for PPE and sterilization/disinfection.

America Makes / FDA / VA / NIH


America Makes is the national accelerator for additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing (3DP), and is an Institute of Manufacturing USA.

America Makes, the FDA, the VA, and NIH partnered to activate a response.

There are many useful links on this site to a range of resources. Including a link to the ASTM PPE standards free reading room and a quick-guide to the  VA approach to masks and respirator submissions:

NIH 3D Print Exchange,
COVID-19 collection:

The Extras tab for the Stopgap Face Mask has build instructions, bill of materials, instructions for use, and risk-based test evaluations:

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