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Bessel Digital Engineering and Additive Manufacturing

We apply digital engineering and advanced manufacturing to solve your design challenges, for products, capital equipment, and fixturing.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) of polymers, metals, and metamaterials.

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM).

  • Shape optimization, generative design, and lightweighting.

  • Part and process qualifications & business case analysis.

  • Simulation-driven design.

    Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of stress, vibration, fluid flow, and heat transfer.

    Product lifecycle processes from prototype to production.

    Quality systems implementation and quality engineering.

    Verification and validation testing.

    Usability engineering and risk management.

    Our product development experts can deliver for you or partner with your team. 

    Design case studies

    Kinematic fixture.

    Kinematically designed fixture for X-ray CT scanning.

    Generative design of a fixture base.

    Generative design of a custom test fixture base.

    Case Studies

    Strategic Partner

    W.M. Keck Center logo. Keck.Utep.Edu.

    At the University of Texas at El Paso
    Driving the Additive Revolution

    The UTEP Keck Center is expert in additive manufacturing design, fabrication, and testing, as well as simulation. We partner with them on our most difficult rapid innovation challenges.

    Keck Center services we access at their multi-million dollar lab include:

    • Additive manufacturing of metal, polymer, and hybrid parts

    • Mechanical testing: tensile, compression, impact, flexural, and cyclical (axial + torsional) testing in controlled temperature environments

    • 3D inspection and surface characterization

    • X-ray CT and optical & scanning electron microscopy

    • Reverse engineering and 3D scanning

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