Impact accelerator delivering critical innovation.

We use the core principles of human centered design and agile teamwork to bring people together to solve creative challenges.

We partner on rapid innovation projects to better serve your customers and drive increased revenues and margins.

We train the next generation of innovative thinkers and high-performance team members with the Bessel Origin program. We can help you develop and retain your emerging leaders. 


Our passion for helping people and teams grow to succeed has translated into a track record of individual and team peak performance. We value Purpose-Driven Impact and have respect for human dignity and stewardship.


Andrew DeNooyer, Application Developer

The focus on human centered design and product market fit helped in our personalized, AI driven physical therapy rehabilitation project by encouraging well thought out ideas relevant to user needs. I've taken the skills developed from this course and found a way to thrive by being familiar and comfortable with a fast paced, Agile development environment.


Bob Kavetsky, CEO, Energetics Tech.Center

We hired Catherine S. as an intern last summer, and she fit in right away. She is now full-time with us, and it is one of the best moves we have made. Our clients have raved about her teamwork and ability to deliver in a dynamic environment. I attribute Catherine’s great start in many respects to having participated in the Origin foundations workshops in Dr. Danek’s Social Innovation course at CUA, in which she learned many of the critical skills we are looking for in employees today.

Energetics Technology Center is a non-profit technology transfer partner to government labs.


Kebebe Olenja, Process Development Engineer

As a biomedical engineer, I continue to apply the strategic skill sets I have developed from this course to inspire innovation that is motivated by service to humanity —bringing new ideas to life with an entrepreneurial spirit. The hallmark of this course is its focus on applying both technical knowledge and real world market evaluations. The skills we developed through the course workshops improved the quality of our design and strengthened our teams mission to serve our customers. We developed an understanding of consumer needs and device requirements, and advanced our stroke rehabilitation device to meet those needs.

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